A rock-magnetic study of giant piston core LL44-GPC3 from the central north Pacific and its paleoceanographic implications

Seong-Jae Doh, J. W. King, M. Leinen

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We carried out a rock-magnetic study of core LL44-GPC3, which spans the interval 0-70 m.y. ago, to determine whether rock-magnetic parameters can be used to construct a high-resolution stratigraphic framework for paleoceanographic studies of central north Pacific pelagic clays. In addition, we tested the ability of rock-magnetic methods to detect and characterize the paleoceanographic changes that are recorded in the sediments of LL44-GPC3. Rock-magnetic parameters exhibit coherent fluctuations within both the stable and unstable sections of LL44-GPC3. Major fluctuations in rock-magnetic parameters plotted as accumulation rates correspond to intervals of paleoenvironmental change that have been previously detected by other paleoceanographic methods. In addition, variations in a parameter proportional to the concentration of goethite/hematite correlate remarkably well with the mass accumulation rate of the total eolian component, suggesting that in some situations it can be used as a proxy indicator for eolian activity. -from Authors

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Publication statusPublished - 1988 Dec 1
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