A Transparent Nanopatterned Chemiresistor: Visible-Light Plasmonic Sensor for Trace-Level NO2 Detection at Room Temperature

Kyeorei Lim, Young Moo Jo, Ji Wook Yoon, Jun Sik Kim, Dong Jae Lee, Young Kook Moon, Ji Won Yoon, Jae Hyeok Kim, Hun Ji Choi, Jong Heun Lee

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The highly selective detection of trace gases using transparent sensors at room temperature remains challenging. Herein, transparent nanopatterned chemiresistors composed of aligned 1D Au–SnO2 nanofibers, which can detect toxic NO2 gas at room temperature under visible light illumination is reported. Ten straight Au–SnO2 nanofibers are patterned on a glass substrate with transparent electrodes assisted by direct-write, near-field electrospinning, whose extremely low coverage of sensing materials (≈0.3%) lead to the high transparency (≈93%) of the sensor. The sensor exhibits a highly selective, sensitive, and reproducible response to sub-ppm levels of NO2, and its detection limit is as low as 6 ppb. The unique room-temperature NO2 sensing under visible light emanates from the localized surface plasmonic resonance effect of Au nanoparticles, thereby enabling the design of new transparent oxide-based gas sensors without external heaters or light sources. The patterning of nanofibers with extremely low coverage provides a general strategy to design diverse compositions of gas sensors, which can facilitate the development of a wide range of new applications in transparent electronics and smart windows wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2100438
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - 2021 May 20


  • near-field electrospinning
  • NO gas sensors
  • room-temperature gas sensors
  • transparent gas sensors
  • visible light assisted gas sensors

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