Amplification of c-erbB-2 proto-oncogene in cancer foci, adjacent normal, metastatic and normal tissues of human primary gastric adenocarcinomas

Jun Suk Kim, Chul Won Choi, Byung Soo Kim, Sang Won Shin, Yeul Hong Kim, Young Jae Mok, Jong Suk Kim, Bum Hwan Koo

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Genetic damages are frequently found in both tumor and normal cells at carcinogen exposed areas in the patients with upper aerodigestive tract cancer. These phenomena are explained by the multistage process and/or field cancerization theories. The c-erbB-2 proto-oncogene has been amplified in many human tumors including breast, stomach, kidney and lung cancers. To study the possible evidence of multistage process and/or field cancerization in the development of gastric adenocarcinoma, the amplification statuses of c-erbB-2 proto-oncogene using the Southern hybridization technique were evaluated at the 45 gastric adenocarcinoma specimen sets consisting of tumor tissue, adjacent normal tissue (within 2 cm of the primary tumor), metastatic tissue and normal stomach tissue (at least 5 cm away from primary tumor). As a result, c-ertB-2 proto-oncogene at 2 specimen sets (4.4%) was amplified 2- to 4-fold to normal control status. In these 2 cases, c-erbB-2 proto-oncogene at histologically normal tissue adjacent to tumor tissue was amplified. And, the metastatic tissue of 1 case also exhibited c-ertB-2 proto-oncogene amplification of which the degree was less than that of tumor tissue. From these results, we were able to suspect that c-ertB-2 proto-oncogene amplification in the normal tissue adjacent to tumor tissue could be a biomarker of premalignant changes in a small proportion of gastric adenocarcinoma patients. And, this result might suggest the possibile role of multistage process and/or field cancerization in the development of gastric adenocarcinoma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)311-315
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Korean Medical Science
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1997 Dec 1



  • c-erbB-2 proto-oncogene
  • Field cancerization
  • Gastric adenocarcinoma

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