An end-on azide-bridged antiferromagnetic single-chain magnet involving spin canting and field-induced two-step magnetic transitions

Jung Hee Yoon, Dae Won Ryu, Hyoung Chan Kim, Sung Won Yoon, Byoung Jin Suh, Chang Seop Hong

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The synthesis, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of a dimeric molecule [Mn(5-Clsalpn)(N3)]2 with phenoxide bridges and an azide-bridged 1D complex [Mn(5-Brsalpn)(N3)] were reported. The signally bridged end-on azide ligand showed excellent antiferromagnetic couplings and field-induced two-step magnetic transitions, which further caused a slow magnetic relaxation in the antiferromagnetic chain. It was observed that the replacement of 5-Clsalpn with 5-Brsalpn allowed the distinct structural variation from the dimeric motif to a one-dimensional linear chain with a fishbone-shaped molecular structure. The study also showed absence of hydrogen bonds and π-π contacts between chains in the crystal lattices. The finished end-on azide bridged 1D MnIII coordination polymer showed unexpected antiferromagnetic couplings and field-induced two-step magnetic transition.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3661-3665
Number of pages5
JournalChemistry - A European Journal
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Apr 6



  • Azides
  • Coordination polymers
  • Magnetic properties
  • Manganese
  • Single-chain magnets

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