Anatomy of the dermocartilaginous ligament of the nose

Seung-Kyu Han

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    The dermocartilaginous ligament of the nose is a narrow, central, fibrous, white structure in the center of the nasal dorsum, which was first described by Pitanguy. This structure was initially believed to connect the dermis of the upper third of the nose, medial crura, and subseptum. However, in recent study, no direct connection was found between it and dermal tissue. This structure originates from the transverse nasalis muscular tissue and terminates at the caudal edge of the septal cartilage, and orbicularis oris muscle in some cases. Histologic findings are also incompatible with the term ligament and demonstrate that it is in fact a fascia.

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    Title of host publicationAdvanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
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