Capacitive Chemical Sensors Based on Two-Dimensional WSe2

Ayeong Kim, Geonyeop Lee, Suhyun Kim, Jihyun Kim

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We demonstrated capacitive-type chemical sensors (chemicapacitor sensors) based on two-dimensional (2D) tungsten diselenide (WSe2). The integration of 2D materials with high surface-to-volume ratios and a capacitor resulted in excellent chemical sensing with high selectivity, high sensitivity, and fast response. WSe2-based 2D chemicapacitors were fabricated by combining exfoliated WSe2 flakes with parallel-plate capacitors. The sensing ability of WSe2-based 2D chemicapacitors towards NO2 molecules was characterized by monitoring the changes in capacitance (ΔC/C0, ∼65%) and parallel resistance (ΔRp/Rp0, ∼-90%) due to the adsorption of NO2 molecules (200 ppm). Transient sensing characteristics with fast response and recovery were achieved with adequate reproducibility. Interestingly, ΔC/C0 and ΔRp/Rp0 exhibited different behaviors, which can be a useful value for distinguishing between different target gas molecules. Our novel approach provides a convenient and effective method for producing 2D chemicapacitor sensors at low cost and with low power consumption.

Original languageEnglish
Article number115020
JournalECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jan 12

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