Clinical analysis of benign eyelid and conjunctival tumors

Jung Chi Mi, Hyun Baek Se

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Purpose: To assess the relative frequency and clinicopathologic characteristics of benign conjunctival tumors. Methods: A retrospective study of 80 consecutive patients admitted to our hospital with benign eyelid and conjunctival tumor between April 2000 and November 2002 was undertaken, and clinical records including age, sex and involved site of tumors and pathology slides of the patients were reviewed retrospectively. Results: Twenty-three males and 33 females presented with benign eyelid tumors and 12 males and 12 females with conjunctival tumors. Mean age was 42.3 and 29.7 years, respectively. The lower eyelid was involved in 27 (48.2%) of eyelid tumors and the medial conjunctiva in 14 (58.3%) of conjunctival tumors. The most frequent tumor was intradermal nevus (44.6%), seborrheic keratosis (16.1%) and compound nevus (10.7%) in eyelid tumors, and compound nevus (29.2%) and intradermal nevus (25.0%) in conjunctival tumors. Conclusion: This report will provides a basic analysis of benign eyelid and conjunctival tumors.

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  • Benign conjunctival tumors
  • Benign eyelid tumors
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