Comparison of responses elicited by immunization with a legionella species common lipoprotein delivered as naked DNA or recombinant protein

Suck Yoon Won, Hee Park Seol, Keun Park Yong, Chul Park Seung, Im Sin Jeong, Ja Kim Min

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To evaluate the peptidoglycan-associated lipoprotein (PAL) antigen of Legionella pneumophila as a vaccine candidate, mice were immunized intramuscularly with pcDNA3-PAL and intraperitoneally with recombinant PAL (t-rPAL), which were compared for their ability to induce PAL-specific immune responses. The t-rPAL protein induced PAL-specific IgG antibody production significantly more than did pcDNA3-PAL. The IgG2a and IgG1 production was predominant after pcDNA3-PAL and t-rPAL administration, respectively. In particular, pcDNA3-PAL induced much higher PAL-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses than did t-rPAL. Furthermore, in vivo, CD191+ B-cell populations were dramatically increased by t-rPAL vaccination, suggesting a B-cell immunomodulatory activity of the lipoprotein. The PAL antigen was also conserved among Legionella species, as determined by PCR and immunoblot analyses. These results support a potential use of the t-rPAL protein and in particular DNA vaccines against Legionella infections.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)99-107
Number of pages9
JournalDNA and Cell Biology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Apr 22


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