Detection of Mendelian and parent-of-origin quantitative trait loci in a cross between Korean native pig and Landrace I. Growth and body composition traits

E. H. Kim, B. H. Choi, K. S. Kim, Cheol-Koo Lee, B. W. Cho, T. H. Kim, J. J. Kim

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This study was conducted to detect quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting growth and body composition in an F2 reference population of Korean native pig and Landrace crossbreds. The three-generation mapping population was generated with 411 progeny from 38 F2 full-sib families, and 133 genetic markers were used to produce a sex-average map of the 18 autosomes. The data set was analyzed using least squares Mendelian and parent-of-origin interval-mapping models. Lack-of-fit tests between the models were used to characterize QTL for mode of expressions. A total of 8 (39) QTL were detected at the 5% genome (chromosome)-wise level for the 17 analyzed traits. Of the 47 QTL detected, 21 QTL were classified as Mendelian expressed, 13 QTL as paternally expressed, 6 QTL as maternally expressed, and 7 QTL as partially expressed. Of the detected QTL at 5% genome-wise level, two QTL had Mendelian mode of inheritance on SSC6 and SSC9 for backfat thickness and bone weight, respectively, two QTL were maternally expressed for leather weight and front leg weight on SSC6 and SSC12, respectively, one QTL was paternally expressed for birth weight on SSC4, and three QTL were partially expressed for hot carcass weight and rear leg weight on SSC6, and bone weight on SSC13. Many of the Mendelian QTL had a dominant (complete or overdominant) mode of gene action, and only a few of the QTL were primarily additive, which reflects that heterosis for growth is appreciable in a cross between Korean native pig and Landrace. Our results indicate that alternate breed alleles of growth and body composition QTL are segregating between the two breeds, which could be utilized for genetic improvement of growth via marker-assisted selection.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)669-676
Number of pages8
JournalAsian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2007 May 1



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  • Korean native pig
  • Landrace
  • Quantitative trait loci
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