Detection of oil leakage in soil by monitoring impedance using time domain reflectometry and hydraulic control system

Sang Gil Lee, Kyu Sang Kwon, Bong Ju Kim, Nag Choul Choi, Jae Woo Choi, Soon-Jae Lee

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Monitoring of petroleum contamination in soils surrounding underground storage tanks is an important issue for the effective remediation of soil and groundwater. In this study, a method for the detection of oil leakage from underground storage tanks was developed using time domain reflectometry (TDR), which has a sensible capacity for soil resistance, and a hydraulic control system. Without the hydraulic control system, TDR-measured impedance was not sensitive to the input of oil. The ability of the new system to detect diesel leakage in a sandy soil was verified by conducting leakage detection experiments. Impedance changes measured by TDR installed in the cylinder are useful as a sign of oil leakage. The sensitivity of oil leakage detection was dependent on the configuration of the hydraulic control system. The applicability of the sensor system in subsurface environment was validated by conducting oil release detection test in the sand tank. Results indicate that TDR, combined with a hydraulic control system, can be used for the detection of oil leakage from the storage tank.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)267-276
Number of pages10
JournalProcess Safety and Environmental Protection
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jul 1



  • Hydraulic control system
  • Impedance
  • Oil leakage detection
  • Soil
  • Time domain reflectometry

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  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering(all)
  • Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality

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