Development of AFLP and STS markers for identifying wheat-rye translocations possessing 2RL

Yong Weon Seo, Cheol Seong Jang, Jerry W. Johnson

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Wheat-rye translocation line (2BS/2RL) has been developed for resistance to biotype L of Hessian fly and agronomically useful traits. AFLP analysis using 64 primer pairs was conducted in order to identify 2RL-specific polymorphisms between 'Coker 797' (non-2RL), near-isogenic line (NIL) carrying 2RL, and 'Hamlet'. Nine primer combinations identified twelve reproducible polymorphic fragments in the NIL carrying 2RL. These twelve fragments were cloned and sequenced with an aim towards converting AFLP markers into sequence tagged sites (STS). A comparison of the 12 sequences with non-redundant accessions in the NCBI database using the BLAST search option indicated that one fragment of approximately 200 bp in length (amplified using primer combination E+AAC / M+CTA) was highly homologous with the rye-specific repetitive sequence R173-1 and Wis-2-1A, a retrotransposon-like element in wheat. Two STS primers (SJ07 and SJ09) out of twelve STS primer sets enabled the detection of polymorphisms between Coker 797 and NIL carrying 2RL. In order to verify whether the polymorphism detected by primers SJ07 and SJ09 was in fact the result of the presence of 2RL, additional plant material was examined. Amplified products of about 260 bp fragment with the SJ07 primer set were generated in rye cvs. 'Chilbohomil' and 'Jochunhomil', triticale experimental line Suwon 15, and wheat experimental line K-14 (1AL/1RS & 2BS/2RL), as well as NIL carrying 2RL and Hamlet, but not in Coker 797 (non-2RL), 'Keumgangmil' (non-translocation wheat), KS92WGRC17 (PI592729/;/6BS/6BL6RL), KS92WGRC19 (P1592731/;/4BS/4BL6RL), 'TAM200' (1AL/1RS), and 'Siouxland' (1BL/1RS). Our data suggest that primer set SJ07 amplifies a '2RL-specific' fragment of diagnostic value.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • 2BS/2RL
  • AFLP
  • H21
  • Molecular markers
  • STS
  • Wheat-rye translocation

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