Docetaxel (taxotere), cisplatin, UFT, and leucovorin combination chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer

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We conducted this study to ascertain the efficacy and toxicity of docetaxel and cisplatin combined with oral UFT and leucovorin as a first-line treatment for patients with advanced gastric cancer. In all, 52 patients received courses of docetaxel 60 mg m-2 intravenously (i.v.) for 1 h and then cisplatin 75 mg m-2 i.v. for 2 h on day 1. Oral UFT at 400-600 mg day-1, as determined by body surface area, and leucovorin at 75 mg day-1 were administered for 21 consecutive days from day 1, and this was followed by a 7-day drug-free interval. A total of 225 courses were administered, and the median number of courses per patient was four. Four complete responses (7.7%) and 22 partial responses (42.3%) were achieved, giving an overall response rate of 50% (95% Confidence Interval: 36.4-63.6%). The major toxicity was neutropenia, which reached grade 3/4 in 36 patients (69.3%). Grade 3/4 nausea and vomiting was observed in 12 patients (23.1%). Median time to progression was 22 weeks (4 to 156 + weeks), median survival duration was 48 weeks (4 to 156 + weeks), and median response duration was 24 weeks (6 - 152 weeks). We conclude that docetaxel, cisplatin, oral UFT, and leucovorin combination chemotherapy is effective and tolerable for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.

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JournalBritish Journal of Cancer
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Publication statusPublished - 2005 Mar 14


  • Cisplatin
  • Docetaxel
  • Stomach neoplasms
  • UFT

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