Effects of polycaprolactone-tricalcium phosphate, recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 and dog mesenchymal stem cells on bone formation: Pilot study in dogs

Sun Jong Kim, Myung Rae Kim, Jin Sub Oh, Inho Han, Sang Wan Shin

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Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the survival, proliferation, and bone formation of dog mesenchymal stem cells (dMSCs) in the graft material by using Polycaprolactone-tricalcium phosphate (PCL-TCP), auto-fibrin glue (AFG), recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2), and dMSCs after a transplantation to the scapula of adult beagle dogs. Materials and Methods: The subjects were two beagle dogs. Total dose of rhBMP-2 on each block was 10 μg with 50 μg/mg concentration. The cortical bone of the scapula of the dog was removed which was the same size of PCL-TCP block (Osteopore International Pte, Singapore; 5.0 x 5.0 x 8.0 mm in size), and the following graft material then was fixed with orthodontic mini-implant, Dual-top® (Titanium alloy, Jeil Co. Seoul, Korea). Four experimental groups were prepared for this study, Group 1: PCL-TCP + aFG; Group 2: PCL-TCP + aFG + dMSCs; Group 3: PCL-TCP + aFG + dMSCs + rhBMP-2; Group 4: PCL-TCP + aFG + dMSCs + rhBMP-2 + PCL membrane. The survival or proliferation of dMSCs cells was identified with an extracted tissue through a fluorescence microscope, H-E staining and Von-Kossa staining in two weeks and four weeks after the transplantation. Results: The survival and proliferation of dMSCs were identified through a fluorescence microscope from both Group 1 and Group 2 in two weeks and four weeks after the transplantation. Histological observation also found that the injected cells were proliferating well in the G2, G3, and G4 scaffolds. Conclusion: This study concluded that bone ingrowth occurred in PCL-TCP scaffold which was transplanted with rhBMP-2, and MSCs did not affect bone growth. More sufficient healing time would be needed to recognize effects of dMSCs on bone formation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)825-831
Number of pages7
JournalYonsei medical journal
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Dec 1



  • Auto-fibrin glue
  • Bone formation
  • Dog MSCs
  • PCL-TCP scaffold
  • Recombinant human bone morphogenic protein-2

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