Electrochemical properties of Li 2O-2B 2O 3 glass-modified LiMn 2O 4 powders prepared by spray pyrolysis process

Seung Ho Choi, Jung Hyun Kim, You Na Ko, Young Jun Hong, Yun Chan Kang

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Li 2O-2B 2O 3 glass-modified LiMn 2O 4 cathode powders are prepared using spray pyrolysis. The powders with 1 and 5 wt% glass material have a spherical shape, dense structure, and large grain size. The BET surface areas of LiMn 2O 4 powders with 0 and 1 wt% glass material are 15.0 and 5.9 m 2 g -1, and their mean crystallite sizes are 29 and 49 nm. The lithium boron oxide (LBO) glass material improves the cycle properties as well as the initial discharge capacities of the LiMn 2O 4 powders at a constant current density of 1 C. The discharge capacity of LiMn 2O 4 powders without any glass material decreases from 116.3 to 92.6 mAh g -1 after 100 cycles, the reduced capacity being 80% of the initial capacity. However, the discharge capacity of the LiMn 2O 4 powders with 1 wt% glass material decreases from 131.0 to 113.2 mAh g -1 after 100 cycles; thus, the capacity retention is 86% of the initial capacity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)110-115
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Power Sources
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Jul 15
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  • Cathode material
  • Glass material
  • Lithium manganate
  • Spray pyrolysis

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