Emerging issues and methodologies for resilient and robust water distribution systems

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This editorial summarizes the 11 papers published in the Special Issue entitled "Resilient and Robust Water Distribution Systems: State-of-the-Art and Research Challenges" which were classified into five themes related to water distribution systems (WDSs): (1) state-of-the-art review on WDS resilience and robustness (ROB), (2) WDS performance quantification and recovery under earthquakes, (3) criticality analysis and visualization, (4) novel design methodologies, and (5) hydraulic parameter monitoring for WDS rapidity improvement. Following the provision of the number of views and citations of each paper in a brief manner, a paper in category (1) that reviewed recent studies on WDS robustness is summarized. Category (2) covers three papers on improving the WDS capacity to fulfil customers' demands in the case of an earthquake, a representative catastrophic failure event, while category (3) includes papers on visualization methods to represent the system's criticality. The studies included in themes (4) and (5) proposed novel design methods and monitoring approaches for improving WDS resilience, respectively. Contributions from each study are described in the context of WDS resilience. We hope that this Special Issue can (1) serve as a reference point from which readers review progress, recent trends, and emerging issues, and (2) shed light on the appropriate future directions of WDS resilience studies.

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