Experiences of renal transplants from donors with a renal artery aneurysm after a laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and ex vivo reconstruction of the renal artery

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Objectives: Renal artery aneurysms are uncommon, and various surgical options to treat renal artery aneurysms have been described. We report 2 cases of renal transplants from donors with renal artery aneurysm, after resection of aneurysm, and ex vivo renal artery reconstruction. Materials and Methods: Two women, aged 52 and 45 years, had diagnoses of hilar renal artery aneurysms during evaluation for left flank pain and hematuria. In both cases, radiologic interventions were impossible because of anatomical relations. Both patients were informed of the therapeutic options available, including nephrectomy, autotransplant, and kidney donation. The patients and their families decided on a kidney donation. Results: Renal function test results of both patients satisfied the living-donor selection criteria. The left and right kidney of each patient was removed laparoscopically, and ex vivo resection of the aneurysm and reconstruction of the renal artery was performed under a surgical microscope. The repaired kidneys were successfully transplanted to 2 men, aged 36 and 37 years. Conclusions: In cases of renal artery aneurysms that necessitate treatment, a renal allograft transplant should be considered as a treatment option. It provides safety and benefit to the recipient as well the donor.

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  • Hand-assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
  • Kidney transplant
  • Renal artery aneurysm

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