Fractal coding of video sequence by circular prediction mapping

Chang Su Kim, Sang Uk Lee

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We propose a novel algorithm for fractal video sequence coding, based on the Circular Prediction Mapping (CPM), in which each range block is approximated by a domain block in the circularly previous frame. In our approach, the size of the domain block is set to be same as that of the range block for exploiting the high temporal correlation between the adjacent frames, while most other fractal coders use the domain block larger than the range block. Therefore the domain-range mapping in the CPM becomes similar to the block matching algorithm in the motion compensation techniques, and the advantages from this similarity are discussed. Also the modified collage theorem, which yields better prediction method for the CPM than the conventional collage theorem, is provided by linear systematic analysis. The computer simulation results on real video-conferencing image sequences demonstrate that the average compression ratios ranging from 60 to 70 can be obtained with good subjective quality.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-88
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Publication statusPublished - 1997 Apr
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