Glass transition temperatures and rigid amorphous fraction of poly(ether ether ketone) and poly(ether imide) blends

Heon Sang Lee, Woo Nyon Kim

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Blends of poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK) and poly(ether imide) (PEI) prepared by screw extrusion have been investigated using a differential scanning calorimeter. The amorphous samples obtained by quenching in the liquid nitrogen show a single glass transition temperature (Tg). However, semicrystalline samples cooled in d.s.c. show double glass transition temperatures. From these results, it is suggested that the blends of PEEK and PEI are miscible in the amorphous state and partially miscible in the semicrystalline state. From the measured degree of crystallinity (Xc) and specific heat increment (ΔCp) at Tg, the rigid amorphous fraction (Xr) for the semicrystalline PEEK-PEI blends was calculated and found to be 0.117-0.358 with cooling rates in d.s.c. The effect of cooling rate and PEI composition on the rigid amorphous fraction (Xr) of PEEK in the PEEK-PEI blends are discussed.

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Publication statusPublished - 1997 May



  • Poly(ether ether ketone)
  • Poly(ether imide)
  • Rigid amorphous fraction

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