Heating-up synthesis of cesium bismuth bromide perovskite nanocrystals with tailored composition, morphology, and optical properties

Donguk Lee, Min Hye Kim, Ho Young Woo, Jiyeon Chae, Dawon Lee, Sanghyun Jeon, Soong Ju Oh, Taejong Paik

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This study represents the heating-up synthesis of lead-free cesium bismuth bromide perovskite nanocrystals (NCs). CsBr and BiBr3 precursors are used to synthesize uniform and phase-pure cesium bismuth bromide NCs, and the reaction is performed via an injection-free, heating-up method in the presence of a solvent mixture with a high boiling point. The size and composition of cesium bismuth bromide NCs are readily controlled by changing the reaction time, temperature, and amount of surfactant added to the reaction mixture. Upon heating, sequential phase evolution occurs, resulting in the formation of kinetically stable BiOBr in the early reaction stages, which transformed into the thermodynamically stable Cs3BiBr6 and Cs3Bi2Br9 with an increase in either the reaction time or the reaction temperature. Furthermore, the absorption and photoluminescence properties of Cs3BiBr6 and Cs3Bi2Br9 NCs are characterized to investigate their composition-dependent optical properties. This work provides the potential to synthesize various types of lead-free perovskite NCs by tailoring the size and compositions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7126-7133
Number of pages8
JournalRSC Advances
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Feb

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