High efficiency and quadratic nonlinear optical properties of a fully optimized 2D octupolar crystal characterized by nonlinear microscopy

Véronique Le Floc'h, Sophie Brasselet, Joseph Zyss, Bong-Rae Cho, Sang Hae Lee, Seung-Joon Jeon, Minhaeng Cho, Kil Sik Min, Myunghyun Paik Suh

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The high efficiency and quadratic nonlinear optical properties of 2D octupolar crystal of 1,3,5-tricyano-2,4,6-tris(p-diethylaminostyryl)benzene (TTB), which is characterized by nonlinear microscopy, was analyzed. The TTB single crystals were obtained by evaporating a saturated solution of TTB in CH2Cl2-EtOEt. To confirm optically the octupolar crystalline structure and determine the molecular arrangement inside the submillimeter-sized crystal, a polarized nonlinear microscopy technique was applied along with second harmonic generation (SHG) and two-photon fluorescence (TPF). The results show that optical polarization measurements of both SHG and TPF confirmed the non-centrosynmmetric threefold symmetry of the TTB crystal.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)196-200
Number of pages5
JournalAdvanced Materials
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2005 Jan 31


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