Horizontally assembled green InGaN nanorod LEDs: Scalable polarized surface emitting LEDs using electric-field assisted assembly

Hoo Keun Park, Seong Woong Yoon, Yun Jae Eo, Won Woo Chung, Gang Yeol Yoo, Ji Hye Oh, Keyong Nam Lee, Woong Kim, Young Rag Do

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In this study, we report the concerted fabrication process, which is easy to transform the size of active emitting area and produce polarized surface light, using the electric-field-assisted assembly for horizontally assembled many tiny nanorod LEDs between two metal electrodes. We fabricate the millions of individually separated 1D nanorod LEDs from 2D nanorod arrays using nanosphere lithography, etching and cutting process of InGaN/GaN LED structure on a flat sapphire substrate. The horizontally assembled InGaN-based nanorods LED device shows bright (∼2,130 cd/m2) and uniform polarized (polarization ratio, p = ∼0.61) green emissions from large area (0.7 cm × 0.6 cm) planar surface. The realization of a horizontally assembled nanorod LED device can prove the concept of an innovative idea to fabricate formable and scalable polarized surface LED lighting.

Original languageEnglish
Article number28312
JournalScientific Reports
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jun 21


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