Intermediate-temperature nickel-yttria stabilized zirconia supported tubular solid oxide fuel cells using gadolinia-doped ceria electrolyte

Seung Young Park, Chan Woong Na, Jee Hyun Ahn, Ui Jin Yun, Tak Hyoung Lim, Rak Hyun Song, Dong Ryul Shin, Jong Heun Lee

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Gadolinia-doped ceria (GDC, Gd 0.1Ce 0.9O 1.95) powders with high sinterability are prepared by carbonate coprecipitation and applied in the fabrication of Ni-YSZ (yttria-stabilized zirconia)-supported tubular solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) with a cell configuration of Ni-YSZ/Ni/Ni-GDC/GDC/LSCF(La 0.6Sr 0.4Co 0.2Fe 0.8O 3-δ)-GDC/LSCF. A high power density (594 mW cm -2) at 600°C is achieved using the cell (diameter: 6 mm) prepared by sintering of the electrolyte at 1400°C. This result is attributed to the dense electrolyte and good adherence between GDC and the electrode. The carbonate-derived GDC powders can be sintered to 97% of the theoretical density even at 1050°C, which demonstrates that the fabrication temperature of tubular SOFCs can potentially be lowered by using cost-effective Ni-YSZ supports.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)119-127
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of Power Sources
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Nov 15



  • Carbonate coprecipitation
  • Gadolinia-doped ceria
  • Nickel-yttria stabilized zirconia
  • Solid oxide fuel cells
  • Tubular solid oxide fuel cells

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