Lateral meniscus allograft transplantation using a single-incision technique

Ki Mo Jang, Joon H.o. Wang

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PURPOSE: The aim of this work is to introduce and evaluate a novel arthroscopically assisted meniscus allograft transplantation (MAT) technique that requires only one small anterior incision for an arthrotomy.

METHODS: In the novel technique, the posterior horn of the allograft meniscus was repaired using the modified all-inside suture technique instead of the conventional inside-out technique. By doing this, an additional posterior incision could be avoided. Thirteen consecutive patients with total or subtotal meniscectomy of the lateral meniscus underwent lateral MAT using the novel technique from August 2010 to October 2011. The clinical outcomes were evaluated according to Lysholm scores, International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) subjective scores, and Tegner activity level scales.

RESULTS: The median follow-up period was 21.0 months (range 13-28 months). The post-operative median Lysholm score improved to 85.0 (range 77-95, P < 0.05). The median IKDC subjective score was 80.0 (range 63-99, P < 0.05) at last follow-up. The median Tegner activity level of 6.0 (range 4-7) was improved compared with the median preoperative level (P < 0.05). None of the patients presented with symptoms requiring a secondary surgical procedure at the time of final follow-up.

CONCLUSION: The novel method requires only one small arthrotomy incision except for arthroscopic portals. In addition to the minimal number of incisions, this technique has several advantages over previous techniques. This single-incision technique could be effective and satisfactory option for lateral MAT.

LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Case series with no comparison group, Level IV.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalKnee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy : official journal of the ESSKA
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Publication statusPublished - 2015 Jan 1
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