Magnetic imaging of a single ferromagnetic nanowire using diamond atomic sensors

Myeongwon Lee, Bumjin Jang, Jungbae Yoon, Mohan C. Mathpal, Yuhan Lee, Chulki Kim, Salvador Pane, Bradley J. Nelson, Donghun Lee

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Recent advances in nanorobotic manipulation of ferromagnetic nanowires bring new avenues for applications in the biomedical area, such as targeted drug delivery, diagnostics or localized surgery. However, probing a single nanowire and monitoring its dynamics remains a challenge since it demands high precision sensing, high-resolution imaging, and stable operations in fluidic environments. Here, we report on a novel method of imaging and sensing magnetic fields from a single ferromagnetic nanowire with an atomic-scale sensor in diamond, i.e. diamond nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect center. The distribution of static magnetic fields around a single Co nanowire is mapped out by spatially distributed NV centers and the obtained image is further compared with numerical simulation for quantitative analysis. DC field measurements such as continuous-wave ODMR and Ramsey sequence are used in the paper and sub Gauss level of field sensing is demonstrated. By imaging magnetic fields at a single nanowire level, this work represents an important step toward tracking and probing of ferromagnetic nanowires in biomedical applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number405502
Issue number40
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jul 26


  • diamond NV center
  • ferromagnetic nanowire
  • magnetic field sensing and imaging

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    Lee, M., Jang, B., Yoon, J., Mathpal, M. C., Lee, Y., Kim, C., Pane, S., Nelson, B. J., & Lee, D. (2018). Magnetic imaging of a single ferromagnetic nanowire using diamond atomic sensors. Nanotechnology, 29(40), [405502].