Measurement of the surface tension of liquid Ga, Bi, Sn, in and Pb by the constrained drop method

Toshihiro Tanaka, Masashi Nakamoto, Ryosuke Oguni, Joonho Lee, Shigeta Hara

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The effect of the droplet size on the accuracy of surface tension measurement by the sessile drop method is discussed for liquid metals through a simulation by using the Laplace equation. It is found that with increasing size of the droplet, a higher accuracy of the measured value of the surface tension can be obtained. In order to make a large droplet of liquid metals, the constrained drop method with a special crucible shape was applied to measure the surface tension of liquid Ga, Sn, Bi, In, and Pb. The uncertainty of the measured surface tension was within 1 %. The temperature dependences of the surface tension of liquid Ga, Sn, Bi, In, and Pb were obtained in the present experiment as follows: Ga: σGa = 737 - 0.062T mN/m (823 ≤ T ≤ 993K) Sn: σSn = 579 - 0.066T mN/m (723 ≤ T ≤ 993K) Bi: σBi = 417 - 0.070T mN/m (773 ≤ T ≤ 873K) In: σIn = 600 - 0.082T mN/m (673 ≤ T ≤ 993K) Pb: σPb = 499 - 0.089T mN/m (757 ≤ T ≤ 907K).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)818-822
Number of pages5
JournalZeitschrift fuer Metallkunde/Materials Research and Advanced Techniques
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Sep 1
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  • Capillary constant
  • Large drop method
  • Sessile drop method

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