Metallic fusion of nanocrystal thin films for flexible and high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding materials

S. Park, J. Bang, B. S. Kim, S. J. Oh, J. H. Choi

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Low-cost flexible electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials are attracting considerable attention because of the rapid development of wearable smart electronics, such as wearable health monitoring systems, and flexible energy storage and harvesting systems. In the present study, we developed ultrathin, flexible, and high-performance EMI shielding materials using Ag nanocrystals (NCs) through low-cost, room-temperature wet chemical processes conducted at atmospheric pressure. Sequential ligand-exchange and reduction processes not only substantially reduced the distance between the Ag NCs but also induced intensive metallic fusion of the Ag NCs, resulting in large-scale three-dimensional interconnected conductive pathways. The fused Ag NC thin films exhibited high electrical conductivity (∼24,000 S/cm for a film ∼800 nm thick) and outstanding mechanical stability, offering stable EMI shielding performance over 1000 cycles of various mechanical deformations, including twisting, crumpling, and folding. In addition, compared with most previously reported solution-based materials, our Ag NC thin films demonstrated an excellent EMI shielding effectiveness value of ∼60 dB in the X-band range 8.2–12.2 GHz at much thinner thickness (∼1.3 μm). With the advantages of easy processing, good mechanical flexibility, and high-performance EMI shielding, the fused NC thin films developed in the present work represent innovative potential EMI shielding materials for next-generation wearable smart electronics.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100177
JournalMaterials Today Advances
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec


  • Electromagnetic interference shielding
  • Flexible devices
  • Fusion
  • Ligand exchange
  • Nanocrystal
  • Sintering

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  • Materials Science(all)
  • Mechanical Engineering


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