Methylation profiles of CpG island loci in major types of human cancers

Seog Yun Park, Baek Hee Kim, Ho Kim Jeong, Nam Yun Cho, Minhee Choi, Joo Yu Eun, Sun Lee, Hoon Kang Gyeong

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Several reports have described aberrant methylation in various types of human cancers. However, the interpretation of methylation frequency in various human cancers has some limitations because of the different materials and methods used for methylation analysis. To gain an insight into the role of DNA hypermethylation in human cancers and allow direct comparison of tissue specific methylation, we generated methylation profiles in 328 human cancers, including 24 breast, 48 colon, 61 stomach, 48 liver, 37 larynx, 24 lung, 40 prostate, and 46 uterine cervical cancer samples by analyzing CpG island hypermethylation of 13 genes using methylation-specific PCR. The mean numbers of methylated genes were 6.5, 4.4, 3.6, 3.4, 3.1, 3.1, 3.1, and 2.1 in gastric, liver, prostate, larynx, colon, lung, uterine cervix, and in breast cancer samples, respectively. The number of genes that were methylated at a frequency of more than 40% in each tumor type ranged from nine (stomach) to one (breast). Generally genes frequently methylated in a specific cancer type differed from those methylated in other cancer types. The findings indicate that aberrant CpG island hypermethylation is a frequent finding in human cancers of various tissue types, and each tissue type has its own distinct methylation pattern.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)311-317
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Korean medical science
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2007 Apr
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  • Carcinomas
  • CpG island
  • DNA methylations
  • Tumor suppressor gene

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