Optical and continuous-wave characteristics of V-grooved quantum well wire lasers confined by a p-n junction array

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Role of the side-wall quantum wells in a V-grooved quantum well wire (QWW) is briefly reviewed by temperature-dependent photoluminescence, and then continuous-wave (cw) characteristics of QWW lasers confined by a p-n junction array are reported. In terms of the effectiveness in current confinement, very high power operation (over 11 mW) and a single longitudinal mode operation up to 8 mW are achieved. Room-temperature threshold currents are measured to be 32.5 mA (pulsed) and 47.8 mA (cw) for a 200 μm long uncoated cavity. The current- and temperature-tuning rates of the oscillation wavelength are as low as 0.038 nm/mA and 0.17 nm/ °C, respectively.

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JournalOptical and Quantum Electronics
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Publication statusPublished - 1999


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