Pattern, Timing and Survival in Patients with Recurrent Gastric Cancer

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BACKGROUND/AIMS: The aim of this study was to investigate the recurrence patterns, the timing of recurrence, and the survival rate in recurrent cases of gastric cancer.

METHODOLOGY: Of 1,029 patients who underwent curative resection for gastric cancer at the Department of Surgery, Korea University Guro Hospital between 2000 and 2006, 146 patients developed recurrence and were included in this study. Timing and patterns of recurrence, the recurrence pattern according to clinicopathological factors, and post-recurrence survival rate were analyzed retrospectively.

RESULTS: The mean time to recurrence was 21.2 months. Forty-two patients (28.8%) had recurrence within 1 year, and 54 patients (37.0%) had recurrence 1-2 years after surgery. Single-site recurrence occurred in 72.6% of patients, and multiple-site recurrence in 27.4%. The most frequent pattern of recurrence was peritoneal recurrence in 39.7% of patients, hematogeneous in 24.7%, locoregional in 18.5%, and to a distant lymph node in 17.1%. In cases that showed recurrence within 1 year, the most frequent pattern of recurrence was hematogeneous recurrence, while it was peritoneal in the group with recurrence between 1 and 2 years after surgery. Patterns of recurrence significantly differed according to the sex and gross tumor morphology. The mean post-recurrence survival time was 15.7 months. There was no statistically significant difference in the post-recurrence survival time according to the pattern of recurrence.

CONCLUSIONS: The most frequent pattern of recurrence was peritoneal recurrence, and recurrence most often occurred within 2 years after curative resection. There was no significant difference in post-recurrence survival time according to the pattern of recurrence.

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