Patterns of bifurcating convective flows in long horizontal cavities

Alexander Yu Gelfgat, Pinhas Z. Bar-Yoseph, Alexander L. Yarin

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Patterns and stability of steady convective flows of low Prandtl number fluids (Pr = 0 and 0.015) in laterally heated rectangular cavities with four rigid walls are studied. Spectral Galerkin and finite volume methods are applied. The aspect ratio (length/height) of the cavity is varied from 1 to 10. Calculations with the global spectral method show that at certain values of the governing parameters there may exist simultaneously several stable steady states of the flow. Five different branches of steady flows were found and their stability was studied. Results of the spectral method (on multiplicity of steady states and stability) are verified by solution of the full unsteady problem using the finite volume method.

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  • Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes
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