Piezoelectricity of (K,Na)(Nb,Sb)O3-SrZrO3(Bi,Ag)ZrO3piezoceramics and their application in planar-type actuators

Su Hwan Go, Jae Min Eum, Dae Su Kim, Seok Jun Chae, Sun Woo Kim, Eun Ji Kim, Yeon Gyeong Chae, Jong Un Woo, Sahn Nahm

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A Fe2O3-added 0.96(K0.5Na0.5)(Nb0.94Sb0.06)-0.01SrZrO3-0.03(BiAg)ZrO3 [KNNS-0.01SZ-0.03BAZ] piezoceramic was well densified at 1090 °C. It exhibited a large piezoelectric charge constant (d33) of 650 pC/N, which is close to the largest d33 value reported in the literature. This sample has a tetragonal-orthorhombic-rhombohedral (T-O-R) structure, in which each structure has a similar proportion. Moreover, nanodomains (2 nm × 15 nm) with a low domain boundary energy were found in this sample, which exhibited relaxor properties. Therefore, the presence of a T-O-R multi-structure and nanodomains is responsible for the large d33 value of this sample. A KNNS-0.01SZ-0.03BAZ thick film was synthesized, and it also had a T-O-R multi-structure with a large d33 (630 pC/N). A planar-type actuator was produced using this thick film, and this actuator exhibited large acceleration (335 G at 120 V mm-1) and displacement (231 μm at 120 V mm-1). Hence, the KNNS-0.01SZ-0.03BAZ thick film is a good candidate for lead-free piezoelectric actuators.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)16741-16750
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Materials Chemistry C
Issue number46
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec 14

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