Positive response of a primary malignant pericardial mesothelioma to pemetrexed plus cisplatin followed by pemetrexed maintenance chemotherapy: A case report

Sang Mi Chung, Seong Ji Choi, Min Jung Kim, Jung Yoon Choi, Hong Jun Kim, Suk Young Lee, Eun Joo Kang

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Primary malignant pericardial mesothelioma (PMPM) is a rare tumor with poor prognosis. Surgery is the treatment of choice, but numerous cases are inoperable. For the treatment of inoperable or metastatic cases, systemic chemotherapy is required. However, a standard chemotherapeutic regimen for the treatment of pericardial mesothelioma has not yet been established. Chemotherapy involving pemetrexed and cisplatin has been actively used in the treatment of pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma, and may be considered for the treatment of PMPM. The present study reports the case of a patient with PMPM with lung metastasis who demonstrated a positive response to treatment with pemetrexed and cisplatin followed by pemetrexed maintenance chemotherapy, leading to prolonged progression-free survival for 21 months.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)213-216
Number of pages4
JournalOncology Letters
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jul 1



  • Chemotherapy
  • Cisplatin
  • Malignant mesothelioma
  • Pemetrexed
  • Pericardium

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