Predicción de la Presencia de una Vena Hepática Accesoria Mediante Tomografía Computarizada Abdominal

Translated title of the contribution: Predicting the presence of an accessory hepatic vein using abdominal computed tomography

Hyung Soo Kim, Chang-Hee Lee, Seong Hyun Kim, Jeong Woo Kim, Cheol Min Park, Suk Keu Yeom

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The incidence of detection of accessory hepatic vein (AHV) using MRI or CT has been reported. However, previous studies had a small sample size or only reported on the incidence of hepatic vein variants. To the best of our knowledge, there has been no previous report evaluating the factors predictive of the presence of an AHV. To evaluate the incidence and morphology of the accessory hepatic vein (AHV) using multidetector row computed tomography (MDCT) and to investigate the factors which may be helpful in predicting the presence of an AHV. We enrolled 360 patients who underwent abdominal MDCT. We investigated whether the AHV was present and evaluated the frequency of AHVs greater than 5 mm in diameter. We classified the morphology of the AHV entering the inferior vena cava (IVC). We also examined the factors that predicted the presence of an AHV by comparing the diameter of the middle hepatic vein (MHV) and the right hepatic vein (RHV). We identified an AHV in 164 of the 360 patients (45.6%). Among the 164 AHVs, 56.7% were larger than 5 mm in diameter. The most common morphologies of the inferior RHV were a single main trunk (58.5%), followed by two main trunks with a V-shape (19.5%) and two trunks entering the IVC separately (17.0%). The possibility that an AHV will be present was significantly higher when the diameter of the RHV was smaller than that of the MHV. MDCT can provide important information regarding AHV incidence and morphology. The possibility of an AHV being present was significantly higher when the diameter of the RHV was smaller than that of the MHV.

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)21-25
Number of pages5
JournalInternational Journal of Morphology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Jan 1



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