Quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells fabricated by the combined process of the direct attachment of colloidal CdSe quantum dots having a ZnS glue layer and spray pyrolysis deposition

Sang Hyuk Im, Yong Hui Lee, Sang Il Seok, Sung Woo Kim, Sang Wook Kim

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We were able to attach CdSe quantum dots (QDs) having a ZnS inorganic glue layer directly to a mesoporous TiO2 (mp-TiO2) surface by spray coating and thermal annealing. Quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells based on CdSe QDs having ZnS as the inorganic glue layer could easily transport generated charge carriers because of the intimate bonding between CdSe and mp-TiO2. The application of spray pyrolysis deposition (SPD) to obtain additional CdSe layers improved the performance characteristics to V oc = 0.45 V, Jsc = 10.7 mA/cm2, fill factor = 35.8%, and power conversion efficiency = 1.7%. Furthermore, ZnS post-treatment improved the device performance to Voc = 0.57 V, Jsc = 11.2 mA/cm2, fill factor = 35.4%, and power conversion efficiency = 2.2%.

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Publication statusPublished - 2010 Dec 7
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