Rapid continuous synthesis of spherical reduced graphene ball-nickel oxide composite for lithium ion batteries

Seung Ho Choi, You Na Ko, Jung Kul Lee, Yun Chan Kang

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In this study, we synthesized a powder consisting of core-shell-structured Ni/NiO nanocluster-decorated graphene (Ni/NiO-graphene) by a simple process for use as an anodic material for lithium-ion batteries. First, a crumpled graphene powder consisting of uniformly distributed Ni nanoclusters was prepared by one-pot spray pyrolysis. This powder was subsequently transformed into the Ni/NiO-graphene composite by annealing at 3006C in air. The Ni/NiO-graphene composite powder exhibited better electrochemical properties than those of the hollow-structured NiO-Ni composite and pure NiO powders. The initial discharge and charge capacities of the Ni/NiO-graphene composite powder were 1156 and 845 mA h g-1, respectively, and the corresponding initial coulombic efficiency was 73%. The discharge capacities of the Ni/NiO-graphene, NiO-Ni, and pure NiO powders after 300 cycles were 863, 647, and 439 mA h g-1, respectively. The high stability of the Ni/NiO-graphene composite powder, attributable to the unique structure of its particles, resulted in it exhibiting long-term cycling stability even at a current density of 1500 mA g -1, as well as good rate performance. The structural stability of the Ni/NiO-graphene composite powder particles during cycling lowered the charge transfer resistance and improved the Li-ion diffusion rate.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5786
JournalScientific Reports
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Aug 29
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