Recurrent syncope 20 years after mediastinal radiation therapy in a patient with breast cancer

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Mediastinal radiation therapy can cause progressive fibrosis and might, as a result, induce various cardiac problems. We encountered a patient who presented with recurrent syncope 20 years after radiation therapy for breast cancer. She had multiple cardiac problems including bilateral coronary ostial stenoses, pre-valvular right ventricular outflow tract stenosis, and constrictive pericarditis. The cause of syncope was paroxysmal atrioventricular block (an 18-s long pause recorded by the implantable loop recorder). The patient was treated by the implantation of a pacemaker and did not experience syncope during 9 months of follow up.

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JournalCirculation Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 2008 Sep 3



  • Complete atrioventricular block
  • Coronary stenosis
  • Implantable loop recorder
  • Radiation therapy

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