Search for (1S,2S) → Zc+ Zc (′) - And e+e- → Zc+ Zc (′) - At s =10.52, 10.58, and 10.867 GeV SEARCH for (1S,2S) → ... S. JIA et al.

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The first search for double charged charmoniumlike state production in Ï?(1S) and Ï?(2S) decays and in e+e- annihilation at s=10.52, 10.58, and 10.867 GeV is conducted using data collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric energy electron-positron collider. No significant signals are observed in any of the studied modes, and the 90% credibility level upper limits on their product branching fractions in Ï?(1S) and Ï?(2S) decays [B(Ï?(1S,2S)→Zc+Zc(′)-)×B(Zc+→π++cc) (cc=J/ψ, χc1(1P), ψ(2S))] and the product of Born cross section and branching fraction for e+e-→Zc+Zc(′)- (σ(e+e-→Zc+Zc(′)-)×B(Zc+→π++cc)) at s=10.52, 10.58, and 10.867 GeV are determined. Here, Zc refers to the Zc(3900) and Zc(4200) observed in the πJ/ψ final state, the Zc1(4050) and Zc2(4250) in the πχc1(1P) final state, and the Zc(4050) and Zc(4430) in the πψ(2S) final state.

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JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jun 14


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