Search for an H-Dibaryon with a Mass near 2mΛ in Υ(1S) and Υ(2S) Decays

B. H. Kim, S. L. Olsen, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, D. M. Asner, V. Aulchenko, A. Bay, K. Belous, B. Bhuyan, G. Bonvicini, A. Bozek, M. Bračko, T. E. Browder, V. Chekelian, A. Chen, B. G. Cheon, K. Chilikin, R. Chistov, I. S. Cho, K. ChoV. Chobanova, S. K. Choi, Y. Choi, D. Cinabro, J. Dalseno, Z. Doležal, S. Eidelman, D. Epifanov, S. Esen, H. Farhat, J. E. Fast, V. Gaur, S. Ganguly, R. Gillard, Y. M. Goh, K. Hayasaka, H. Hayashii, Y. Hoshi, W. S. Hou, Y. B. Hsiung, H. J. Hyun, K. Inami, A. Ishikawa, R. Itoh, Y. Iwasaki, T. Julius, D. H. Kah, J. H. Kang, P. Kapusta, E. Kato, H. Kichimi, H. J. Kim, H. O. Kim, J. H. Kim, K. T. Kim, M. J. Kim, S. K. Kim, Y. J. Kim, K. Kinoshita, J. Klucar, B. R. Ko, P. Kodyš, S. Korpar, R. T. Kouzes, P. Križan, P. Krokovny, T. Kumita, A. Kuzmin, Y. J. Kwon, J. S. Lange, S. H. Lee, J. Li, X. Li, Y. Li, J. Libby, D. Liventsev, D. Matvienko, K. Miyabayashi, H. Miyata, R. Mizuk, G. B. Mohanty, A. Moll, N. Muramatsu, R. Mussa, E. Nakano, M. Nakao, E. Nedelkovska, C. Ng, N. K. Nisar, S. Nishida, K. Nishimura, T. Ohshima, S. Okuno, P. Pakhlov, G. Pakhlova, H. Park, H. K. Park, M. Peters, M. Petrič, L. E. Piilonen, M. Ritter, S. Ryu, H. Sahoo, Y. Sakai, S. Sandilya, T. Sanuki, V. Savinov, O. Schneider, G. Schnell, C. Schwanda, A. J. Schwartz, D. Semmler, K. Senyo, O. Seon, M. E. Sevior, M. Shapkin, V. Shebalin, C. P. Shen, T. A. Shibata, J. G. Shiu, B. Shwartz, F. Simon, P. Smerkol, Y. S. Sohn, A. Sokolov, E. Solovieva, S. Stanič, M. Starič, M. Sumihama, T. Sumiyoshi, U. Tamponi, K. Tanida, G. Tatishvili, Y. Teramoto, K. Trabelsi, M. Uchida, S. Uehara, T. Uglov, Y. Unno, S. Uno, Y. Usov, C. Van Hulse, G. Varner, V. Vorobyev, M. N. Wagner, C. H. Wang, P. Wang, Y. Watanabe, K. M. Williams, E. Won, Y. Yamashita, V. Zhilich, A. Zupanc

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We report the results of a high-statistics search for H dibaryon production in inclusive Υ(1S) and Υ(2S) decays. No indication of an H dibaryon with a mass near the MH=2mΛ threshold is seen in either the H→Λpπ- or ΛΛ decay channels and 90% confidence level branching-fraction upper limits are set that are between one and two orders of magnitude below the measured branching fractions for inclusive Υ(1S) and Υ(2S) decays to antideuterons. Since Υ(1S,2S) decays produce flavor-SU(3)-symmetric final states, these results put stringent constraints on H dibaryon properties. The results are based on analyses of 102 million Υ(1S) and 158 million Υ(2S) events collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB e+e- collider.

Original languageEnglish
Article number222002
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 2013 May 31

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