Soft-type trap-induced degradation of MoS2 field effect transistors

Young Hoon Cho, Min Yeul Ryu, Kook Jin Lee, So Jeong Park, Jun Hee Choi, Byung Chul Lee, Wungyeon Kim, Gyu-Tae Kim

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The practical applicability of electronic devices is largely determined by the reliability of field effect transistors (FETs), necessitating constant searches for new and better-performing semiconductors. We investigated the stress-induced degradation of MoS2 multilayer FETs, revealing a steady decrease of drain current by 56% from the initial value after 30 min. The drain current recovers to the initial state when the transistor is completely turned off, indicating the roles of soft-traps in the apparent degradation. The noise current power spectrum follows the model of carrier number fluctuation-correlated mobility fluctuation (CNF-CMF) regardless of stress time. However, the reduction of the drain current was well fitted to the increase of the trap density based on the CNF-CMF model, attributing the presence of the soft-type traps of dielectric oxides to the degradation of the MoS2 FETs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number22LT01
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Apr 4


  • CNFCMF model
  • degradation
  • low frequency noise
  • MoS

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