Spontaneous Vertebral reduction during the procedure of kyphoplasty in a patient with Kummell's disease

Wonseok Hur, Sang Sik Choi, Mikyoung Lee, Dong Kyu Lee, Jae Jin Lee, Kyongjong Kim

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Kummell's disease is a spinal disorder characterized by delayed post-traumatic collapse of a vertebral bodywith avascular necrosis. Although definitive treatment for Kummell's disease has not been established, it hasbeen reported that percutaneous vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty has shown good results. However, theseprocedures are not recommended for severely collapsed vertebral bodies because of the risk of cement leakageor technical difficulties. Authors report a rare case of spontaneous reduction in vertebral height by the insertionof a working cannula into the vertebral body in Kummell's disease.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)231-234
Number of pages4
JournalKorean Journal of Pain
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Dec 1



  • Compression fracture
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Osteoporosis

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