SPring-8 LEPS2 beamline: A facility to produce a multi-GeV photon beam via laser Compton scattering

N. Muramatsu, M. Yosoi, T. Yorita, Y. Ohashi, J. K. Ahn, S. Ajimura, Y. Asano, W. C. Chang, J. Y. Chen, S. Daté, T. Gogami, H. Hamano, T. Hashimoto, T. Hiraiwa, T. Hotta, T. Ishikawa, Y. Kasamatsu, H. Katsuragawa, R. Kobayakawa, H. KohriS. Masumoto, Y. Matsumura, M. Miyabe, K. Mizutani, Y. Morino, T. Nakano, T. Nam, M. Niiyama, Y. Nozawa, H. Ohkuma, H. Ohnishi, T. Ohta, M. Oishi, K. Ozawa, S. Y. Ryu, Y. Sada, H. Saito, T. Shibukawa, H. Shimizu, R. Shirai, M. Shoji, M. Sumihama, S. Suzuki, S. Tanaka, Y. Taniuchi, A. O. Tokiyasu, N. Tomida, Y. Tsuchikawa, K. Watanabe, C. J. Yoon, C. Yoshida

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We have constructed a new laser-Compton-scattering facility, called the LEPS2 beamline, at the 8 GeV electron storage ring, SPring-8. This facility provides a linearly polarized photon beam in a tagged energy range of 1.3–2.4 GeV. Thanks to a small divergence of the low-emittance storage-ring electrons, the tagged photon beam has a size (σ) suppressed to about 4 mm even after it travels about 130 m to the experimental building that is independent of the storage ring building and contains large detector systems. This beamline is designed to achieve a photon beam intensity higher than that of the first laser-Compton-scattering beamline at SPring-8 by adopting the simultaneous injection of up to four high-power laser beams and increasing a transmittance for the long photon-beam path up to about 77%. The new beamline is under operation for hadron photoproduction experiments.


  • Hadron photoproduction
  • High energy photon beams
  • Laser Compton scattering
  • Linear polarization

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


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