Sub-threshold φ-meson yield in central 58 NI + 58 Ni collisions

A. Mangiarotti, N. Herrmann, P. R. Maurenzig, A. Gobbi, R. Kotte, J. Kecskemeti, Y. Leifels, J. P. Alard, A. Andronic, R. Averbeck, V. Barret, Z. Basrak, N. Bastid, I. Belyaev, A. Bendarag, G. Berek, R. Čaplar, P. Crochet, A. Devismes, P. DupieuxM. Dželalija, Ch Finck, Z. Fodor, Y. Grishkin, O. Hartmann, K. D. Hildenbrand, B. Hong, Y. J. Kim, M. Kirejczyk, P. Koczoń, M. Korolija, T. Kress, R. Kutsche, A. Lebedev, V. Manko, M. Merschmeyer, D. Moisa, A. Nianine, W. Neubert, D. Pelte, M. Petrovici, C. Plettner, F. Rami, W. Reisdorf, B. de Schauenburg, D. Schüll, Z. Seres, B. Sikora, K. S. Sim, V. Simion, K. Siwek-Wilczyńska, V. Smolyankin, M. Stockmeier, G. Stoicea, M. Vasiliev, P. Wagner, K. Wiśniewski, D. Wohlfarth, I. Yushmanov, A. Zhilin

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The φ-meson production cross section is measured for the first time at a sub-threshold energy of 1.93 AGeV in 58 Ni + 58 Ni central collisions. The φ data were obtained within the acceptance of the CDC/Barrel subsystem of FOPI. For a sample of 4.7 × 10 6 central events, after background subtraction, 23 candidates were observed. Extensive GEANT simulations of the detector performance are shown in a thorough comparison to the real response, aiming at a good understanding of the apparatus and at a trustable determination of the efficiencies, production probability and possible systematic errors. A filter procedure is elaborated, which is meant to facilitate the comparison of any theoretical calculation or new data with the current ones. How to extrapolate the present value to a φ-meson cross section in 4π is also discussed. This result on pseudo-vector mesons can now be compared to existing experimental knowledge for the same reaction at the same incident energy for various outgoing channels, K + and K - included. A significant fraction (at least 20%) of the K - -mesons is originating in the decay of the φ, supporting the statement that the two channels are strongly correlated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)89-123
Number of pages35
JournalNuclear Physics A
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Feb 10

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