Subthreshold production of Σ(1385) baryons in Al+Al collisions at 1.9A GeV

X. Lopez, N. Herrmann, P. Crochet, A. Andronic, V. Barret, Z. Basrak, N. Bastid, M. L. Benabderrahmane, P. Buehler, M. Cargnelli, R. Caplar, E. Cordier, P. Dupieux, M. Dzelalija, L. Fabbietti, Z. Fodor, I. Gasparić, Y. Grishkin, O. N. Hartmann, K. D. HildenbrandByungsik Hong, T. I. Kang, J. Kecskemeti, M. Kirejczyk, Y. J. Kim, M. Kis, P. Koczon, M. Korolija, R. Kotte, A. Lebedev, Y. Leifels, V. Manko, J. Marton, T. Matulewicz, M. Merschmeyer, W. Neubert, D. Pelte, M. Petrovici, K. Piasecki, F. Rami, W. Reisdorf, M. S. Ryu, P. Schmidt, A. Schüttauf, Z. Seres, B. Sikora, K. S. Sim, V. Simion, K. Siwek-Wilczyńska, V. Smolyankin, G. Stoicea, K. Suzuki, Z. Tyminski, P. Wagner, E. Widmann, K. Wiśniewski, D. Wohlfarth, Z. G. Xiao, I. Yushmanov, X. Y. Zhang, A. Zhilin, J. Zmeskal, P. Kienle, T. Yamazaki

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First measurement of subthreshold Σ(1385) production is presented. Experimental data are presented for Al+Al reactions at 1.9A GeV measured with the FOPI detector at SIS/GSI. The Σ(1385)/Λ ratio is found to be in good agreement with the transport and statistical model predictions. The results allow for a better understanding of subthreshold strangeness production and strangeness exchange reaction which is the dominant process for K- production below and close-to threshold.

Original languageEnglish
Article number052203
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2007 Dec 3


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Lopez, X., Herrmann, N., Crochet, P., Andronic, A., Barret, V., Basrak, Z., ... Yamazaki, T. (2007). Subthreshold production of Σ(1385) baryons in Al+Al collisions at 1.9A GeV. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 76(5), [052203].