Surface-plasmon-based colorimetric detection of Cu(II) ions using label-free gold nanoparticles in aqueous thiosulfate systems

Suraj Kumar Tripathy, Ju Yeon Woo, Chang-Soo Han

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We report colorimetric, label-free and non-aggregation-based gold nanoparticle (AuNP) probes for the highly selective detection of Cu(II) ions in aqueous environments. This detection scheme relies on the ability of Cu(II) ions to catalyze the leaching of gold at room temperature in the presence of thiosulfate species and ammonia. This simple and cost-effective probe provides rapid detection of Cu(II) ions at concentrations as low as 10ppm. A similar detection method using AuNPs in ammonia-free thiosulfate solution is also viable at moderate reaction temperature (50°C). The ammonia-free method also leads to marked damping and red-shifting of the surface plasmon resonance signal of the AuNP dispersion. The two methods clearly differ in the nature of the surface plasmon damping phenomenon, and their working mechanisms are plausibly explained based on the experimental investigations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number305502
Issue number30
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Aug 3


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