Surface texturing of GaAs using a nanosphere lithography technique for solar cell applications

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In this study, we present novel methods to texture the surface of GaAs substrates using the nanosphere lithography (NSL) technique that is based on arrays of SiO2 nanospheres. Closed-packed arrays of SiO2 nanospheres were formed on a benzocyclobutene (BCB) layer, followed by embedding SiO2 nanospheres into the BCB layer. To texture the GaAs surface, three patterns were fabricated by nanosphere lithography. First, a convex pattern from the shape of the nanospheres was produced on the surface of GaAs. Second, a concave shape was produced on the surface of GaAs by additional wet etching to remove SiO2 nanospheres. These two methods were found to be effective in reducing the reflectance to a range of 400-800 nm. Finally, the arrays of SiO2 nanospheres were transferred onto the GaAs by dry-etching using a mixture of Cl2 and BCl3 gases, resulting in arrays of GaAs nanorods. The dry-etched surface structure showed the lowest reflectance.

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  • Anti-reflection
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