Synthesis of layered-layered xLi 2MnO 3·(1-x) LiMO 2 (M = Mn, Ni, Co) nanocomposite electrodes materials by mechanochemical process

Soo Kim, Chunjoong Kim, Jae Kyo Noh, Seung-Ho Yu, Su Jin Kim, Wonyoung Chang, Won Chang Choi, Kyung Yoon Chung, Byung Won Cho

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A strategy of facile route to prepare the Li 2MnO 3-stabilized LiMO 2 (M = Mn, Ni, Co) electrode materials, cathode materials for Lithium secondary batteries that can be operated at the high voltage greater than 4.5 V, is proposed using the method of mechanochemical process. Li 2MnO 3 was synthesized at 400 °C, followed by the mechanochemical process with LiMO 2 to form nanocomposite with the layered-layered structure. Structures and morphologies of xLi 2MnO 3·(1-x)LiMO 2 are investigated to confirm the layered-layered structural integration. Various mole ratios of our xLi 2MnO 3·(1-x)LiMO 2 electrode materials exhibit a large discharge capacity about 200 mAh g -1 at the room temperature. The cycle performances and the specific discharge capacities are improved by the secondary heat treatment for the xLi 2MnO 3·(1-x)LiMO 2 composite electrodes where x ≤ 0.5. Our experimental results suggest the mechanochemical process is an easy and effective tool to form the nanocomposite of two components with controlled composition, especially, for the layered-layered integrated structure of xLi 2MnO 3·(1-x)LiMO 2 system.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)422-429
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Power Sources
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Dec 15
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  • Cathodes
  • Lithium secondary battery
  • Mechanochemical process
  • Nanocomposite

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