Synthesis of yttrium barium copper oxide-0.325Ag superconductors via intermediate precursor with overall composition Y: Ba:Cu:O=1:2:3:y, y>7 produced by high-energy attrition milling

Haigun Lee, Haiwoong Park, Dokyol Lee

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A highly homogeneous composite precursor containing nano-scale particles was synthesized from the high-energy attrition milling of a mixture of metallic Y, metallic Cu and barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) containing 5 wt.% silver. The particle size of the 20 hour attrition-milled precursor was in the range of 30-80 nm as estimated by the XRD technique and direct TEM observation. With the heat treatment of the attrition-milled precursor, an intermediate precursor with the overall composition Y:Ba:Cu:O=1:2:3:y, y>7 was synthesized. The analyzed Y:Ba:Cu:Ag:O molar ratio of the intermediate precursor by AES/AAS and iodimetric titration was 1:1.972:3.022:0.323:7.41, which was very close to the estimated composition: 0.5Y2O3+2BaCuO2.5+CuO +0.325Ag. Y123-Ag superconductors in powder or bulk forms were prepared using heat treatment or thermomechanical processing of the intermediate precursor containing BaCuO2.5. The high oxygen orthorhombic Y123-Ag phase (y>7) was obtained in quenched samples which were held for 30 min or less at 950 °C in ambient air. As the holding time extended to 40 min, the sample was still orthorhombic Y123-Ag (6.7<y <7). The transport critical current density (Jc) at 77 K and zero magnetic field for the quenched sample which was held for 40 min at 950°C was ∼1.3×103 A/cm2.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)473-489
Number of pages17
JournalMetals and Materials International
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2000 Oct 1
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  • Attrition milling
  • BaCuO
  • Orthorhombic phase
  • Superconductors

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