The correlation between carotid siphon calcification and lacunar infarction

Nu Rhee Hong, Hyung Suk Seo, Young Hen Lee, Jung Hyuk Kim, Hae Young Seol, Nam Joon Lee, Sang Il Suh

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    Introduction The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between carotid siphon (CS) calcification and lacunar infarction caused by small-vessel disease. Methods This retrospective study included 445 patients (M/F=256:189) older than 40 years (mean age 60.0±12.3 years, range 41-98 years) without large intracranial lesions who had undergone both brain CT and MRI within an interval of 6 months. The patients were classified into three groups according to the number of lacunar infarctions: group I-zero infarctions (n=328), group II-one to three infarctions (n= 94), and group III-four or more infarctions (n=23). The severity of CS calcification was evaluated on CT and scored on a five-point scale (0-none, 1-stippled, 2-thin continuous or thick discontinuous, 3-thick continuous, 4-double tracts), and the calcification scores on both sides were summed. An ANOVA test was used to compare calcification scores among the three groups, and a logistic regression test was used to evaluate the influence of CS calcification and known cerebrovascular risk factors on the occurrence of lacunar infarction. Results On the ANOVA test, total calcification scores were significantly different among the three groups (group I= 1.28±1.99, group II=3.31±2.39, group III=4.36±2.08; P<0.05). Higher rates of lacunar infarction were associated with higher CS calcification scores. On the logistic regression test, CS calcification, age, and hypertension were significant risk factors for lacunar infarction (P<0.05). Conclusion CS calcification was correlated with the occurrence of lacunar infarction. The degree of CS calcificationmay be used to predict the possibility of a future lacunar infarction.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2011 Sept


    • Atherosclerosis
    • Calcification
    • Carotid siphon
    • Lacunar infarction

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