The influence of molecular weight on plasticizer retention

Timothy D. Stark, H. Choi, P. W. Diebel

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Plasticized PVC geomembranes have advantages over some other geomembranes, such as better resistance to differential settlement and puncture and significantly fewer field seams because PVC membranes can be factory-fabricated into large panels. Over time, plasticizers can mi grate from PVC geomembranes by contact with air, liquid and/or an absorbent solid material. This can result in reduced flexibility and, in extreme cases, noticeable shrinkage. While this is true, sufficient amounts of plasticizer are retained by the PVC material after migration if a minimum molecular weight is used in the plasticizer. For this reason, the PVC Geomembrane Institute (PGI) has developed the PGI-1104 Specification, which requires an average plasticizer molecular weight greater than or equal to 400 to ensure long-term plasticizer retention in the PVC geomembrane.

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Publication statusPublished - 2005 Mar
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