The regulatory impact of RNA-binding proteins on microRNA targeting

Sukjun Kim, Soyoung Kim, Hee Ryung Chang, Doyeon Kim, Junehee Park, Narae Son, Joori Park, Minhyuk Yoon, Gwangung Chae, Young Kook Kim, V. Narry Kim, Yoon Ki Kim, Jin Wu Nam, Chanseok Shin, Daehyun Baek

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Argonaute is the primary mediator of metazoan miRNA targeting (MT). Among the currently identified >1,500 human RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), there are only a handful of RBPs known to enhance MT and several others reported to suppress MT, leaving the global impact of RBPs on MT elusive. In this study, we have systematically analyzed transcriptome-wide binding sites for 150 human RBPs and evaluated the quantitative effect of individual RBPs on MT efficacy. In contrast to previous studies, we show that most RBPs significantly affect MT and that all of those MT-regulating RBPs function as MT enhancers rather than suppressors, by making the local secondary structure of the target site accessible to Argonaute. Our findings illuminate the unappreciated regulatory impact of human RBPs on MT, and as these RBPs may play key roles in the gene regulatory network governed by metazoan miRNAs, MT should be understood in the context of co-regulating RBPs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5057
JournalNature communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec 1

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